Hoishia Na
Oholei Torah Chai
Forever a Tomim
Aleh Katan
Chidon is Here!
(Eli Marcus)
Yehi Ratzon
Rosh Chodesh Kislev
(Eli Marcus)
Didan Notzach
(Boruch Sholom & Choir)
Russian Boy's Hopless Plight
(Boys Choir)
Haneiros Halalu
(Eli Marcus & Choir)

More details about the music recording styles

Basic Music

This is the basic type of music offered in most studios. The music is produced using automated keyboard accompaniment, to which a sprinkle of instruments are added. All vocals are recorded with the same high quality as with the more expensive musical arrangements listed lower on this page.

NOTE: Tracks marked in purple contain female vocalists

Title Client Vocals Tempo Comments
Hu Bachaim - Didan Notzach Or Vechom Boruch Sholom Blesofsky & boys' choir Fast  
Chidon is Here! (Video) Tzivos Hashem Eli Marcus Fast
Clap Your Hands Mendy Music Boy soloist with harmonies Fast  
Ker A Velt Haint Bnos Menachem Girls' choir Fast  
Entering the Land Beis Rivka Girls' choir and solos Fast  

Advanced Musical Arrangement

This is the type of music used in high-end professional albums, in which the entire musical arrangement is composed one instrument at a time, as opposed to the automated music produced by keyboard accompaniment.
We produce this high-end music using the cutting-edge instrument libraries, totaling over 1,000 Gigabytes of professionally recorded instrument libraries. Using this method produces the sound of 100% authentic live instruments.

Title Client Vocals Tempo Comments
Rosh Chodesh Kislev (Video) Tzivos Hashem Eli Marcus Slow then Fast The slow part is advanced arrangement, the fast part is accompaniment based with added instruments
Yeilchu Mechayil Horowitz Family Men and boys Fast
A Russian Boy's Hopeless Plight (Video) Lubavitcher Yeshiva Boys' solos and choir Slow Actually uses keyboard accompaniment, though with many added instrument tracks
Packing Chayolei Chayolei Hamelech Boy soloist Slow Only the first part of the song is presented here
El Hanaar   Men's choir and boy soloist Slow Only the first part of the song is presented here. This song demonstrates two types of men's choir. (We can add any type of men's choir for your song)
Comical March Shmuli Zalmanov None Fast This track demonstrates a pure orchestral arrangement